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Fire Academy

The ESTA recruit Fire Academy is held in September of each year. Successful recruits will receive certifications in IFSAC Firefighter I and II and Hazmat Awareness and Operations. The program is approximately twelve weeks with classes one night a week from 6:00 p,m. until 10:00 and full day training on Saturday and Sunday. Recruits are expected to maintain a high degree of physical fitness and an ability to study independently for quizzes and exams.

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Emergency Medical Training

The ESTA recruit Emergency Medical Training Program takes place during the winter months. The program lasts approximately 12 weeks taking place on a weeknight and full day Saturdays. Successful completion of the program prepares the students to take the National Registry exam.

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Hosted Training Classes

In addition to the Recruit Academy and EMT Class, ESTA regularly hosts training throughout the year. Engine and Truck Operations, technical rescue and other specialized training helps students gain new knowledge and skills as well as refine existing ones.

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