The East Snohomish Training Academy hosts fire training classes throughout the year. Our rural location allows us to use live fire during our training. We bring instructors from departments throughout the Pacific Northwest. Below are some of our regular offerings.

Check out the flyers below and fill out an application here.

2019 driver operator1.jpg

Driver Academy

The Rural Driver Operator Academy takes an in depth look at the duties and responsibilities of the driver operator of engine and tender apparatus in a rural environment. The course has both 8 hours of classroom and 20 hours of hands on instruction.


Initial Wildland Firefighter

This course is designed to provide entry level firefighting skills and training to become wildland firefighters. Includes 8hr field day exercise and NWCG Certificate upon completion of final exam 70% or higher.

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Engine Operations

The Engine Operations class covers bread and butter engine company operations. With a focus on aggressively getting the first line in operation between victims and the fire. The class finished with simulated fire ground operations under live fire conditions.

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Truck Operations

Truck Operations class takes and in depth look at ventilation, forcible entry and search operations. This is a fast paced class which allows participants to operate in realistic live fire conditions to refine their skills.