District Staff

The District is staffed by Volunteers who live locally as well as commute from outside the area. We also have 10 Resident Firefighters that live at one of our three stations. To contact any of our staff, their email address is there first initial and last name @snofire26.org


Station 53

Member Serving Since

EMT Davi Martin 1998

FF/EMT Shane Roeder 1999

SR EMT Felicia Nelson 2003

Driver/Operator Nathan Larsen 2008

Driver/Operator Brian Kendall 2011

FF/EMT Michael Otness 2012

FF/EMT CJ Erickson 2015

Probationary FF Nathan Denman 2017

Probationary FF Scott Hill 2017

Probationary FF Nolan Heisel 2018

Probationary FF Julian Gilman 2018

Station 55

FF/EMT Carrie Schumacher 2003

Driver/Operator Nathan Solberg 2014

EMT Danielle Schackleford 2014

Resident FF Garrett Stich 2015

FF/EMT Monica Bagnall 2016

EMT Brian Carver 2016

EMT Katelyn Roeder 2016

EMT Rilla Kitsune 2017

EMT Mignonne Mailliard 2017

EMT Joy Dennis 2017

Resident FF Jeremy Bybee 2017

Resident FF Mathew Doran 2017

Resident FF Michael Intonti 2017

FF/EMT Eleanor Tansley 2018

EMT Nichole Joanis 2018

Probationary EMT Lyndsey Dalton 2019

Probationary EMT Maggie Nuyen 2019


Station 54

Member Serving Since

Paramedic Joe Simmons 2004

Paramedic Jeff Larsen 2005

Paramedic Brian Schleicher 2005

Paramedic Dan Galovic 2007

Paramedic Dave Salvadelena 2007

FF/EMT Nik Smith 2008

Paramedic Brett Bergeron 2009

Paramedic Michael Erickson 2012

FF/AEMT Katie Reed 2012

Paramedic Ryan Rozelle 2012

Driver/Operator Ryan Murphy 2012

FF/EMT Ciara Pape 2013

FF/EMT Noah Redfield 2014

FF/EMT Patrick Hovell 2015

Paramedic Travis Gamm 2015

Paramedic Curtis Greiner 2015

Paramedic Justin Steinbach 2015

Paramedic Travis Jacobs 2016

Paramedic Kevin Arndt 2017

Paramedic Chad McCoy 2017

Paramedic Pete Parrish 2017

Paramedic Tim Kelly 2017

Resident FF Peter Anderson 2017

FF/EMT Jacob Curti 2017

Resident FF Nick Davey 2017

Resident FF Quinn Evans 2017

Resident FF Carsen Smith 2017

FF/EMT Steve McCormack 2017

FF/EMT Thomas Brown 2017

Probationary FF Warren House 2017

Prob. Resident FF Tyler Aamold 2018

Probationary FF Conner Berti 2018

Probationary FF Kris Christensen 2018

Probationary FF Benjamin Kloes 2018

Probationary FF Tyler Knudson 2018

Probationary FF Eric Spiker 2018

Probationary FF Travis Connell 2019

Probationary FF Peter Drott 2019

Probationary FF Jose Islas 2019

Probationary FF Lars Lian 2019

Probationary FF Cole Thompson 2019