The Department has 2 different ways to become a member. Membership in the department is a rewarding opportunity. Becoming a volunteer first responder is time consuming and challenging. It is a high level of commitment but it also brings a high level of satisfaction. Members who live near one of our stations can respond from home while others staff one of our three stations in an on duty status. Applications are processed twice a year in May and November. Residents of the District that may not have the necessary certifications to apply for membership have the opportunity for free training through the East Snohomish Training Academy.

the Annual Application period will Close on April 15th 2020.

Click on the link below for an application


Probationary Firefighter/emt

Firefighter/EMTs respond to fires, medical calls and other needs for service. When not on calls Firefighter/EMTs constantly train for emergencies as well as maintain our equipment and stations. Firefighter 1 and EMT Basic certifications are required to apply. If you do not have this training it is available through the East Snohomish Training Academy.

Probationary Firefighter/EMT Application


Resident firefighter/emt

The Resident Firefighter/EMT program is designed for people who are looking to find a career in the Fire Service. Residents live at our stations while attending training and working on duty to gain experience. Firefighter 1 and EMT Basic are required to apply.

Probationary Resident Firefighter/EMT Job Description

Resident Firefighter/EMT Application

Other Opportunities to Serve

Other options exist for those who have the desire to serve their community but may not have the time or ability to serve as responder. The Gold Bar Firefighters Association is a charitable organization that is open to anyone in the community that can help further the departments mission to help those in need. If you are interested in joining click the link below.